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December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 04-07

First week challenge finished! So bad I didn’t run every day. But at lease I run almost everyday. lol

4 Dec. 2013

Since I have to go to see a doctor very early in the morning, I don’t run today. I have been in the hospital until 3 p.m. waiting for PY test laboratory result. Then I go to shopping with my mom and come home late in the evening.

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December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 02 -03 (& first day barefoot!)

Are you running today? I just start my second week of ‘December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge’. Here in Thailand, the weather is cold. Winter is coming!

At first I decided to update my progress weekly but I recognize that I have something interesting each day that I run. Then, I will  upload my blog whenever there is something to write. 😀

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December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 01


Let’s start the first day of December with a running challenge.

It’s called “December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge” created by “I ❤ to run

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