December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 01


Let’s start the first day of December with a running challenge.

It’s called “December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge” created by “I ❤ to run

The condition is you have to run every day at least 1 mile (800 meters) in December.

Who: You
What: Run at least ONE mile each day
When: Everyday in December
Where: Anywhere
Why: To challenge yourself to get out there and run.

Post pictures of how you’re mixing things up on our page “I ♥ to run”. We’ll highlight the most creative, fun and inspiring along the way.


The problem is…

1.) There is a Messiah Chorus concert during 7-9 December which I would lack of sleep. So I might not able to run in the morning (and also in the evening.)

2.) I’m going to go to Chiang Rai (Thailand) during Christmas and my mom planed to visit China! I wish I could run there, or I might do the challenge until 25 December only. ^ ^

Actually I wouldn’t take this challenge seriously but I would try my best. ^ ^

Ps. I would upload the progress weekly so I have something to write. :p

Ps2. I haven’t finished reading the second chapter of Murakami running book yet. lol

01 Dec. 2013

Day01 (2)

I think I had a problem with GPS. It doesn’t track my route correctly. 😦

Because I haven’t been running for almost 1 month, it quite hard to run continuously for 30 minute. I used to run for 40 minute continuously easily before I get sick and had been in the hospital for almost 1 week. It just like I’m going back to the first day of running, but today I don’t walk. 🙂

Today my goal is to run continuously for 30 minute. The first 10 minute is very easy. I think I ran too fast when the app told me the time at the first kilometer. I try to slow down a little but at the second kilometer, I still running faster than normal.  My mind told me to stop after 15 minute but I think there was only another half left, so I continue to run. I though that I ran very slow so I maintained my speed. I try to hold that till the end of the workout but the last 10 minute is very hard. My leg was sore and I slow down continuously till I finished my workout. ^ ^

I would like to try to run barefoot. Any suggestion?


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4 responses to “December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 01”

  1. addictedrunner says :

    Good idea! I’m in as well!

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