December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 02 -03 (& first day barefoot!)

Are you running today? I just start my second week of ‘December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge’. Here in Thailand, the weather is cold. Winter is coming!

At first I decided to update my progress weekly but I recognize that I have something interesting each day that I run. Then, I will  upload my blog whenever there is something to write. 😀

2 Dec. 2013


     Since I slept late last night so today I wake up late. (I mean 6.20 a.m. in the morning, lol) Although I feel a little bit sleepy and feel headache before running, I know that I can run. The weather is a little bit colder than normal. Cold wind pass through my body as I walk to the park. I start by easy jogging as a warm up, followed by stretching and start my journey of 30 minute jogging. As I’m running, I think about buying a Vibram five finger shoes. I wanna run barefoot style but I don’t want to run barefoot yet. I just want some barefoot shoes to cover my foot so it doesn’t look weird when I’m running. (By the way, running barefoot is more weird, lol) I finish 30 minute jogging easily, feel fresh with some nice fresh air. ^ ^

Ps. Actually I have a problem with GPS again but I come home and correct it manually.

3 Dec. 2013 (My first day barefoot!)


     I slept late last night again, so today I wake up late again. (Actually around 6.45 a.m.) At first I don’t want to run today because the weather is cold and I fell a little bit sleepy, but I have this challenge. I have to go out and run at least 1 mile (1.6 km.). I go out, decided to run only 30 minute and then go back home as usual. But after I warm up (by jogging for 10 minute), I feel like I don’t want to run. Then, there is something pop up in my mind.

“Why don’t I try to run barefoot?”

Actually I decided to start running barefoot on the 1st December. But I was shy. Now I think running in barefoot will be something worth to try. After a several minute of thinking, I start removing my shoes, my socks, and be completely barefoot!

The brick is cold, that is the first thing I feel. Holding my shoes, walking for several steps, and I start jogging. I feel like I go back to my memory when I was in high school. I used to play basket ball in barefoot (because my slipper was teared when I ran too fast). I feel free, no pain on my foot. The first round I jog at my normal jogging speed for 600 m., walking for 200 m., checking whether my foot is hurt or not, and repeat that for 3 times.

There is no pain on my foot. Only my left calf is hurt a little when I’m running. But it doesn’t effect my running. I think I’m going to run barefoot every time I go out and run. But only 3 round for the beginning. Apart than that, I prefer to use my running shoes for my normal training program.

DSC_6319My barefoot with my running shoe, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13.

Ps. I mom didn’t allow me to buy Vibram yet. So I hope that Vibram will have a mid year sale in 2014. 🙂

Ps2. GPS doesn’t work correctly again and I have to edit my route by myself. 😦

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