Start running again, dancing, and weight training.

This entry might not related to running as the previous entries, but it’s about my life since new year.

Almost 1 month since new year that I left the blog. Actually I didn’t mean to, but I have a lot of works to do at the university. I don’t run as much as before. In January, I ran only (approximately) 48 km. It’s very little compare to last year (when I was crazy about running. lol)

     The main reason that I have no time to run is that  I have to practice dancing for my department night party on February 1st, 2014. Dancing is one of my favorite hobby. I used to learn how to dance from Youtube and my senior when I was a cheer leader. This time is difference, I cover dance of EXO (the Korean boy band).

[My dancing team, not the real EXO ^ ^]

    We were practicing through the month, sleep and wake up too late to run in the morning. We put a lot of effort to this because this party take place every two years. We have only this chance to dance with my senior. (I’m second year, so I’m going to be forth year ,which is the highest grade for undergraduate student when the party comes again.)

[When we were dancing on the stage @S31 Hotel, Bangkok]

     After the party, I came back to running track. Just start slowly from jogging 30 minutes per day. Some day I didn’t run because I feel too sleepy to run and sometime I run in the evening instead. Then, one of my friend introduces something new,

“Weight Training”

     When I said that I would do a weight training, I think my friends would think of a male fitness model which has a lot of big muscle or something like…

which is not true… (but right side is also a good idea, right?)

what I mean is…

a little abs is shown up or at least less fat on abs, my lower back, and my butt. ^ ^

So now on I will keep increasing my running ability (as I have done last year) and also start weight training. Let’s see what will happen.

Ps. I know that it would take a long time to see the result of weight training since I’m staying at the university dormitory and has no chance to cook by myself, but I will try. 🙂

Ps2. For barefoot running, since I have changed my running route and the floor is too hard to run barefoot, I might practicing running barefoot later.


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