Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine Day!

For me, it is another normal day that I have to wake up early in the morning, walking to the park, and run!


My morning run today.

     At first I thought that today would be a special running day like seeing some couples running together in the park, but it’s not. Just runners running alone or some might run together at first but then they split. About last 10 minute of my run, there is a woman try to run ahead of me with the same pace. When I speed up, she also speed up. At the end, I can run ahead of her before I stop (but she still continue running).

     In the afternoon, I go out for lunch with my friends at Honmono, a Japanese restaurant. It is a little expensive (for me) but they give a bigger size of fish for sushi (compare to the normal Sushi in other Japanese restaurant). Then, I’m chatting with my friends before we go home in the evening.

     ‘Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love’. This makes me think about my first crush when I was in the high school.

     The story start around my last year in the high-school in the dance class. We had to choose our own dance mate. I chose one of my friends. Her name is Dream.

     Our dance was good. We got a lot of points from the test and I had no problem dancing with her. May be it was the reason that I like her. I was waiting for a dance class every week, I was excited to see her coming to the class room. Sometimes I wanted to walk beside her but she has her own close friends. So I just walked behind her. I knew that she knew that I liked her. She talked with me more often (or may be it all on my head). But sometimes I felt like she tried to stay away from me. One month before new year, I bought a couple guitar necklace (Black and White guitar). I used a long time to prepare myself before asking her to choose the necklace. She chose the white one. So I kept the black one. After that day, our life still normal as usual. After the new year when she came back from Japan, she bought me a little duck. She said that my face look like duck. (This duck became my symbol until now.)

The Duckriefy ^ ^ 

(At first it was naked, but I use some material from the sewing class to make its cloth)

     Then I realized that I would make something special for her on the valentine’s day. I wanted to do something that the normal man can’t do. So I chose knitting. It was my first time to knit. I start from zero, my friend teach me step-by-step on how to do this and that. I was restart a couple of times. By the way, even the finished one is still not perfect. I keep it secret until the valentine’s day. (It was a boarding school, it quite hard to do something secret without letting others notice.) On that day, we were having the party among teachers and student. She would go home on that day. (She went home almost every day during the week as normal while others was staying at school – boarding school.) I had no time. When people were concentrating at the lot-drawing, I had a private talk with her. (Actually I wasn’t private. It has only big tree between us and others.) I ask her about her boy friend (who I knew from her close friend) and I told her about my feeling. I was shy. But at last I could give her my scarf before she went home. She took a photo of herself with my scarf and used it as a Facebook profile photo. (I saw it on the next day when I came back home.) I was absolutely happy and excited. (But now that image is disappear. T^T) I didn’t ask her why she use that as a profile picture while she already had a boy friend (But it wasn’t important, right?).

     Everything was like as usual until the last day party before we graduated. She took a lot of photo with me, both normal camera and Polaroid camera (which I was very happy > <). I didn’t know why she did that until the graduated day. On that day, she gave me a little notebook with the graduated date on the front. She said that I had to keep it close until I went home. At the end of the day, I was very tired (from taking a lot pf photos with my friends, my junior, my senior, and my family). But before I went to bed, I picked that notebook up and opened it. In that notebook, there is a lot of pictures about our last memory together (since the valentine’s party until the graduated party) with a little captions below every image. On the last page, she thank me about my good feeling and many things that I had done for her. Thank you for our good memory together but we could be just friend. I knew that it would end like this but our past memory and feelings are still worth to memorize.

     Now I still being single. Most of the girl in my faculty don’t exercise (or maybe exercise early in the morning). It quite hard to find the exercise mate. It would be great to have my own exercise mate (and it would be better if she can be my valentine’s). Sometime I think that it would be nice to run together along the way, motivate each other, and study hard together. But the important thing is… how can I find that girl?

     Good luck with your valentine’s. ^ ^

Ps. Actually I’m gay. But my friends told me that my be I should give a chance for a guy to come into my heart. 😀

Ps2. I tried to find the ‘Heart’ look alike running route, but I couldn’t find it. (May be I could find it next year. lol)


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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. utalap says :

    I also was expecting a heart-shaped route since this is a Valentine’s entry haha! And, that was a cute story. Hope you meet a cute girl who’s into fitness!

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