Finally I Got my new Running shoe!

Last time I wrote about Brooks Transcend Party and I luckily got a pink Brooks Transcend.

[See Brooks Party entry]

I’m not saying that Brooks Transcend is a bad running shoe, but it isn’t what I want right now.

Since I start trying to run barefoot, I want a running shoes that has minimum height in order to feel the ground. Brooks transcend has almost 30 mm. heel height and 22 mm. forefoot height (while my previous one, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 has 30 mm. heel height and 17 mm. forefoot height) which I think is too thick for me. So I decided to choose other Brooks shoe instead.

On Tuesday (March, 4), I went to the Brooks showroom where all the Brooks shoes are stored. I had a chance to try the Brooks Transcend to make sure that it feel like what I thought. (I didn’t try it on that party night) For me, it is too thick for a runner who want a minimal running shoe like me. Then I tried 2 pairs of Pure Project – PureGrit2 and PureDrift2, and 1 pair of Racer – Racer ST5.

The reason why I choose PureProject is that it is for the runner who want a minimalist running shoe. At first I want a Vibram FiveFingers, but I think that Brooks have something quite similar. I tried a Brooks PureDrift 2 first and I feel that it is lighter than my previous running shoe (Brooks Adreanaline GTS 13). I can feel the ground under my feet even I hadn’t remove the insole yet. Then I tried a Brooks PureGrit 2. It is thicker and a little bit heavier than a PureDrift 2, but it still lighter than the Adrenaline.

Before I decided, I had a chance to try another model – Brooks Racer ST5. Since it is the racing shoe, I want to know the different between the racing shoe, the normal running shoe, and the minimal shoe. Racer ST5 has more heel drop than the Pure Project, so I don’t like it much. (It isn’t that bad but I want some shoe that has least drop as possible.) So I moved back to Pure Project.


Brooks PureGrit2 (Green) and Brooks PureDrift2 (Black – Pink)

Since I don’t like a sweet colors (like pink), I prefer Brooks PureGrit2. But after a several reasons (such as weight, flexibility, and thickness) comparing between these shoes, I chose Brooks PureDrift2 (even there is a little bright pink line, but my mom said that it is a little area of pink compared to the whole shoe and only a few people would notice that while I’m running. ^ ^)

Now I have my first minimal running shoe. May be I have to improve my running poster to get least injury. May be I can have more chance to run barefoot because this shoes is light and I can carry it easily during my run.

Good luck with your run. Run Happy… Brooks! Thanks!


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One response to “Finally I Got my new Running shoe!”

  1. Piscolasaca says :

    I have a problem finding shoes, too. It seems like as soon as I find one I like, the manufacturers go and change them.
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