Dear all Barefoot Runners… Our day is coming!

Tomorrow (May 4th) is an International Barefoot Running Day!

I decided to run barefoot tomorrow after I haven’t been running since new year. (Actually I just run for 3-4 times, not as often as last year.) Last week, I ran 3 km. on Wednesday and 4 km. on Thursday which I felt that my calf is hurt a little bit. On Friday morning, my calf is hurt! (T^T) So I took a rest and wish it would be better before tomorrow. (Now it still hurts but luckily, it hurts less than yesterday.)

I also registered for “Nike RUNFREE Challenge“. It is about persuading Thai teenagers to exercise. It has 3 main teams
> Thaitanium Entertainment – Famous Hip Hop Dance Group
> Never Say Cutz and 9Face – Thai famous barbershop and Thai famous clothing brand
> Bangkok Invaders – Famous Hip Hop DJ Group

Every participants must register for a team to run for (I registered for Thaitanium Entertainment ^ ^). Then, using Nike+ running application to record running activities (and tag a hashtag for your team) during 4 – 11 May 2014. On the 11th May 2014, they will sum up all distance of each team. The leader, a man and a woman who run for the most distance of the winner team will have a chance to go to a running event in Indonesia. But for some other participants, if you run more than 15 km., you will get a special gift from Nike. (Yes!)

Nike RUNFREE Challenge (Sorry, it’s in Thai)

The point is that there is a special gift! So I should run more than 15 km. in one week! I would have no problem if it was last year when I ran 5 km. almost everyday (depend on the schedule). But for now, I just start running for 3 km. (and hurt my calf) with a final exam coming up this week (start from Tuesday 6 May 2014). Wish me luck!


Ps. I usually use Runkeeper running application to record my activity. But for this week, I use Nike+ instead in order to participate in this activity. Just say goodbye to Runkeeper for a moment. ^ ^



After running on Wednesday. So tired!



2014 International Barefoot Running Day is on Sunday, May 4!

I get this news from Bangkok Barefoot Run Club

Nike RUNFREE Challenge (Thailand) – The detail is in Thai.



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