Barefoot and Nike RUNFREE Challenge day ^ ^

Hi guys! Today is a special day! What are you doing this morning? I wake up at 6 a.m. this morning whether I slept around midnight last night (which makes me feel sleepy). I convince myself to wake up, eat a banana (!?!), dress in shirt and short, and go out to the park.

Luckily, I have no pain on my calf this morning anymore. I start running 2 rounds (~1.4 k)  easily to warm up my body, another 3 rounds (~2 k) of jogging  after streching, and end up with 2 rounds of walking – jogging in barefoot! I’ve done it without any pain (except a little bit of sore in my calf).

Barefoot running this morning. Just Brooks PureDrift2 beside. ^_^)b

I come back home and do a plank (from 30Days app) for 102 second! My body is shaking. -[ ]-! Actually I did a sit-up too, but today is a rest day. ^ ^

In the evening, I went to the park for “Nike RUNFREE Challenge” event.


Basketball court, where this event is organized.

They announced that the event will start at 4 p.m., but it actually start at 5 p.m. (there are a lot of people renting shoes and deposit some bags, it takes a lot of time) They start with stretching for about 5 minute. Then, they let the first team, Thaitanium Entertainment (which I’m in) to run. Before the event start, I ask a woman to take a photo of myself. Then, after a talk, we decided to run together. In this event, you can choose to run for 2.5k (3 rounds) or 5k (6 rounds).


We are Thaitanium Team!

For the first round, she start a run so fast. She said that she used to run on the treadmill and this is the first time that she run on the road. So she start with the same speed with the treadmill speed. Just only a few second, we start to walk. We are walking for about 200m. and we start running again to the starting point. This happen the same for the second round (run and walk), but at the end of the second round, she said that she don’t want to run anymore. So I leave her behind and run away.


6 Black rubber band. One for each round.

I run for another 2 rounds before seeing her at the starting point. She say that let’s me continue running. So I run for another 2 rounds and find her at the finishing point (actually the starting point and the finishing point is the same point). She say that she just finish walking for another round. There are a little activities before the event end. (There is a free burger and drink, delicious!)


Delicious burger and sweet chrysanthemum. ^ ^

For the conclusion, I ran 6 rounds (4.5k – from my Nike+ app) and we get a CD of Hip Hop songs. If you run total 15k this week, you will get a gold color necklace (which I really want! > <) Let’s see if I can do it or not!


Happy International Barefoot Running Day!


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