The different between 4mm. under you feet

I’m back again after a hard time with my final examination. I think that it is the time to start my running journey again. Same time as last year, but different experiment.

Yesterday I decided to remove a sockliner (insole) of my Brooks PureDrift2 out and that makes my shoes become a completely zero drop! (With a sockliner, it is around 4mm drop) The first thing that I feel is comfortable. I have more fun running with it. I can run faster without any pain or sore… but it just only 15 min. Then,I felt a calf pain. I can’t even run another kilometers. I feel a little bit upset and the only thing I could do is to go back home.

Today I wake up a little bit late. Actually it is the same time as yesterday, but it is too hot for me to run (+ I feel lazy in the morning). So I decided to run in the evening instead. Since It is the end of the semester, I have a free time all day. I waste most of my day with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LINE, and guitar. (Yes! I can play a guitar, but just only some chord strumming, not that professional.) In the evening, around 3.30 p.m., I feel very boring. The solution is that I should hit the Gym!

I went to the gym almost immediately. Luckily, there is one treadmill left! I step on there and start by walking around 10 min., stretching, and start running with pace 8 min./km. When I run outside on the road, I usually run around pace 7.30 min./km., but for this one, I want to make sure that I would last on the treadmill at least 30 min. if it is possible.

For me, the first 15 min. is the most difficult part that I have to go through. It is the time when you start to feel a little bit of a leg pain and your brain will tell you that you have to stop running. (This only happen at the beginning of the running journey, same as last year. But this problem will disappear after your run becomes your life ^ ^) My technique is that every time I run on the treadmill, I will set a goal for each session of my run. The first goal is that “I should run at least 15 min.” and then let’s see what I would do next. I pass the first 15 min. with a little bit of leg pain. Then, I decided to make another goal, “let;s run more than 30 min”. After 30 min, I don’t feel more pain in my leg. But I think that if I run too much, I might have a bit problem with my legs tomorrow . So my last goal is that “I should finish running 5k, burn more than 300 calories, and run at least 5k. Believe it or not, I can finish it with another 5 min. cooling down and without any pain in my leg!


Here is the result. ^ ^

I wish that my legs would be normal tomorrow. 😀



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