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The different between 4mm. under you feet

I’m back again after a hard time with my final examination. I think that it is the time to start my running journey again. Same time as last year, but different experiment.

Yesterday I decided to remove a sockliner (insole) of my Brooks PureDrift2 out and that makes my shoes become a completely zero drop! (With a sockliner, it is around 4mm drop) The first thing that I feel is comfortable. I have more fun running with it. I can run faster without any pain or sore… but it just only 15 min. Then,I felt a calf pain. I can’t even run another kilometers. I feel a little bit upset and the only thing I could do is to go back home.

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Barefoot and Nike RUNFREE Challenge day ^ ^

Hi guys! Today is a special day! What are you doing this morning? I wake up at 6 a.m. this morning whether I slept around midnight last night (which makes me feel sleepy). I convince myself to wake up, eat a banana (!?!), dress in shirt and short, and go out to the park.

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Dear all Barefoot Runners… Our day is coming!

Tomorrow (May 4th) is an International Barefoot Running Day!

I decided to run barefoot tomorrow after I haven’t been running since new year. (Actually I just run for 3-4 times, not as often as last year.) Last week, I ran 3 km. on Wednesday and 4 km. on Thursday which I felt that my calf is hurt a little bit. On Friday morning, my calf is hurt! (T^T) So I took a rest and wish it would be better before tomorrow. (Now it still hurts but luckily, it hurts less than yesterday.)

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Finally I Got my new Running shoe!

Last time I wrote about Brooks Transcend Party and I luckily got a pink Brooks Transcend.

[See Brooks Party entry]

I’m not saying that Brooks Transcend is a bad running shoe, but it isn’t what I want right now.

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Brooks Party and Happy Running Day!

Benjakiti Park, Thailand

Today is the 3rd day of my running plan. I plan to start running again after the midterm exam last month. (when I stayed late at night and woke up late in the morning.) I just start easy by jogging on the first two days and today I’ve done some interval running.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine Day!

For me, it is another normal day that I have to wake up early in the morning, walking to the park, and run!


My morning run today.

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Start running again, dancing, and weight training.

This entry might not related to running as the previous entries, but it’s about my life since new year.

Almost 1 month since new year that I left the blog. Actually I didn’t mean to, but I have a lot of works to do at the university. I don’t run as much as before. In January, I ran only (approximately) 48 km. It’s very little compare to last year (when I was crazy about running. lol)

     The main reason that I have no time to run is that  I have to practice dancing for my department night party on February 1st, 2014. Dancing is one of my favorite hobby. I used to learn how to dance from Youtube and my senior when I was a cheer leader. This time is difference, I cover dance of EXO (the Korean boy band).

[My dancing team, not the real EXO ^ ^]

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