I’m ‘Barefoot’


(3 Dec. 2013 – First time running barefoot.)

My barefoot with my running shoe, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13.

     My story of running barefoot started in August 2013. Just only 1 month after I get this running shoe, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13.

     At that time I subscribed to a lot of Facebook running pages and groups. (As a novice runner, everything about running is interesting.) I recognize that a lot of people change their running style and start to run barefoot. I wonder why people are running barefoot so I started to search about barefoot running. Then, I found one of a Facebook page called ‘Bangkok Barefoot Run Club

(There is a lot of barefoot pages that I found including รองเท้าหาย Barefoot Running and วิ่ง ตีน เปล่า)

     This club has a meeting every month. In September, I joined my first time barefoot meeting. I arrived there a little bit late. I walked to the meeting point and found a group of people standing in barefoot. Some of therm wore Vibram. Luckily I didn’t arrive too late. They just introducing about what they are going to do on that day. There are 2 activities.

1.) A lecture for beginner about how to run barefoot by K-San, barefoot runner who is the Tsuyoshi Yoshino friend. (Tsuyoshi Yoshino is the one who heads the Japan Barefoot Running Association.)

2.) Barefoot runners sharing their experience about running barefoot including Q&A.

We will arrange the following activities at the same time.
You can select one of them based on your interest.

1. Barefoot running lecture for new comers/who want to go over it again
2. Barefoot drill for experienced runners & sharing experience from running barefoot including Q&A.

     Since I haven’t run in barefoot before, I chose to listen to a lecture. He (K-San) taught about how to land on our foot, bend our knees and how to use the gravity to help us running faster. We both run on the concrete (just a short distance) and also on the grass (and mud since it was raining on the day before… > <)

     After that day, I still running in my shoe. As I was on the training program, I didn’t want to lose my running ability (speed) with barefoot running. (I mean it takes time to practice until you can run at your normal speed&distance in barefoot.) One day during the October, I got sick and ad to be in the hospital for almost 1 week! After I came back, I knew that I couldn’t run as fast as before. With a lot of works and activities, I didn’t have time to run. Just 1-2 days per week. I stop using the training plan and ran only 30 minute each. Until one day when the first semester ends and I started to run almost everyday again, I start running barefoot!

December “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge: Day 02 -03 (& first day barefoot!)

     That’s the beginning of my barefoot running experience. ^ ^

September barefoot meeting. ^ ^ (Cr. Bangkok Barefoot Run Club)


4 responses to “I’m ‘Barefoot’”

  1. utalap says :

    Is it hard to run barefoot? I know there are benefits but I want to hear from someone who has experienced it!

    • thepriefy says :

      (I just try it once on the grass at the barefoot meeting and another time on the concrete bu myself.) As I’m not a heel strike runner, it isn’t hard for me to run barefoot. (If you land on your heel in barefoot, it will hurt a lot. So barefoot runner doesn’t land on their heel.) Just start jogging slowly and with a short distance first. Don’t increase you speed and distance too much too soon. It might hurt your body.

      For the beginner, this video might help you understand on how to run barefoot.

      And here are tips&trick for a barefoot running.

      Ps. Some part of you body might get hurt (such as your calf) because you haven’t use that part to run before. It will get better soon as you practice to run in barefoot. But don’t for get not to run too much too soon. 🙂

      • utalap says :

        Thanks for the tips and for the supplementary link and video! I might try it one day when my bare feet are ready to meet the pavement. For now I’ll just concentrate on getting myself comfortable with a running shoe! Again, many thanks!

      • thepriefy says :

        You’re welcome. 🙂

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