[Race] Run & Ride for Children’s Chance 2013

(Because I would like to practice my writing skill, so from now on I would try to write the articles in English as much as I can. It might has some mistakes in grammar or words. I’m apologize for that. -/\- For those who wanna read my blog in Thai, please visit the-priefy.exteen.com. Be patient, it might down sometimes. lol)


This morning I ran another 12 km. race, although I slept late on Friday night and I had to woke up very early this morning. In fact, I slept almost only 4 hour! At first I wanna change my mind to run the 3.2 km. race because my leg just get better from my previous race. (It absolutely hurt!) But I thought that I would try another time to fight with myself along the way.

At the starting line, I stood almost in front of everybody. I knew that if I stand in the back, people would pass by and I might be the last one. It might not that bad if I’ve been running in the last 3 weeks. It will be so lonely~ T^T

At the beginning of the race, many people passed by. I noticed a man that I might know him from one of the training day that I went. I followed him for almost 10 minute to make sure that he was the right guy. Then, I ran beside him.

We had some short conversation like people who meet each other for the first time. Then, I concentrated on my running tempo, and so do he. I heard him counting every steps that he took… 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4…

Through the first half of running, the only thing that stop me and him from running is a drink station which was on every 2 km. We stopped to pick a glass of water, walked for 50 m., and continued our run. I know that my speed was getting slower as a ran longer, but I tried to push myself not to walk and ran as far as I can. After ~6.5 km., he left. He said that he wanted to go to the rest room.

Then, I ran alone. I tried to run continuously at least between the drink station without stopping. By the way, I couldn’t done that through the rest of the race. My leg was tired. I walked a lot during the last 3 km.

Although the Midnight Run finish time is better, but this time I ran without any pain. It is the first thing that I concerned of this race.



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