Brooks Party and Happy Running Day!

Benjakiti Park, Thailand

Today is the 3rd day of my running plan. I plan to start running again after the midterm exam last month. (when I stayed late at night and woke up late in the morning.) I just start easy by jogging on the first two days and today I’ve done some interval running.

Yesterday (2nd March 2013) I got up in the morning and went out for running as usual. After an easy 30 minute jogging, I met the Japanese barefoot runner, K-San! He is the one who taught me how to run barefoot. (Notice that he wore Vibram FiveFingers. He said that the road is too dirty to run in barefoot so he had to wear some shoes.) We ran about 1 km. together. ^ ^

Me with K-San (Benjasiri Park, Thailand)

Atsuyuki Katsuyama (K) is a Japanese vegan barefoot ultra-marathoner. He has run 82 full-marathons in his life, including 15 ultra-marathons, and 60 full-marathons in the last 60 months, including 8 ultra-marathons. –

He is my inspiration to run barefoot. I’ve been to the meeting once last year to learn how to run barefoot. Now he is on his plan to run across the America (from east to south), almost 500 km. in 80 days! So he run almost 30 to 40 km. per day. I hope that he can complete that without any injury.

In the evening, I went to the Brooks kick-off party at the Aspire Fitness to promote the newest Brooks running shoes, Brooks Transcend.

Pink/Fuchsia/Black Brooks Transcend

The party started at 4 pm. but I went there around 5 pm. The first thing I did there is to run for 15 minutes on the treadmill with jeans! I didn’t bring any sport clothes there so I decided to run without changing any clothes. (1 km. of running per 1 drawing lots coupon) I have a chance to choose one of the Brooks running shoe to try on and I chose Brooks PureFlow2.

Brooks PureFlow2

It is comfortable. You can feel like you are running on a foam. Actually I try to find some minimalist shoe with least support (like Vibram FiveFingers) but this pair is ok for those who wanna find some soft running shoe. (But I suggest that you should try it by yourself.)

Back to the party, we played some games and challenge – music chairs, push-up challenge, plank challenge, and guessing words (which I didn’t win any, lol). It was a challenge between elite runners who run 20 km/hr on the treadmill for 12 minutes! (For me, I can run only 9 km./hr. T^T)

Running 20 km./hr.!

Another man who start running at 21 km./hr.!


There is a cake for this special event, a Brooks Transcend cake!

Brooks Transcend cake, delicious!

Brooks Transcend cake, delicious!


At the end of the party, it was the time for drawing lots result. The biggest prize is new pink Brooks Transcend. The spokesman announced the name of the luckier. That’s me! I was surprised and excited! 

Brooks Transcend from Brooks! Thanks!


Another prizes are Brooks Pure project, Brooks jacket, Gift vouchers.

And here is my story of my special day! See you next time. Brooks… Run Happy!


About Brooks Transcend:

Interview with Atsuyuki Katsuyama (K-San):


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[@priefyrunner] Run and Bike, the perfect combination. (Benjakiti Park, Thailand)


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